1. Uuugh

    My phone isn’t turning on, and I’m proctoring more tests today. I’m going to lose my mind.


  2. Substitute Mom Day 1: Night Ain’t Right

    Phew. This really is the best form of birth control.

    After work I barely had time to make dinner before rushing the kids off to youth group. By the time it was done, I was only able to wrangle them into their bathrooms for showers, etc. and tell them to go to bed 20x. Then I spent an hour on the phone trying to arrange rides to their baseball game so I can work two of my three jobs.

    Single moms: respect. And sympathy. And hugs. And back massages.

    But look at the food we cooked (together, because I forced them to help):

    Ok, frozen pizza and green salad aren’t really the biggest accomplishments, but I got the boys to cut all the vegetables, I’d baked those cutie peep cupcakes earlier in the day, and lil sis helped me blend a bunch of fruit and frozen yogurt into a smoothie topped with granola. Balanced? Almost. :P


  3. Anonymous asked: Hey you're super cute!

    Hey! You you complimented me *and* used the correct you’re! Let’s be friends or make out or something.


  4. Substitute Mom Day 1: How to Morning

    Step 1: Wake up three grumpy teenagers by blaring Chop Suey and jumping on their beds.

    Step 2: When they ask for a sip of coffee, give them their own cup (to go with their cupcake breakfast).

    Step 3: Get them out the door by blaring Bon Jovi.

    Step 4: Crawl back into bed.


  5. For Kate, who understands.

    You have no idea. My milk glass game is on point.

    And that’s only half of it. ;) Think of all the fancy dinner parties I could host! Or how classy my instant ramen is going to look!

  6. Look! I’m somewhere else! And it makes me scrunch my face oddly!

    My parents are in Texas for the week (to see my lil bro graduate from AF basic), which means I’m staying at their place, babysitting my three teenage siblings.

    Teenagers terrify me. Especially the ones I’m related to.

    Directly to my right is a china cabinet about half-filled with milk glass dishes. My mom has been collecting them for me since I was a little girl. It’s my dowry. Doesn’t that make you want to marry me even more??

    I just got a picture from my friend in Oki, and now I’m depressed. I want to hang out with my little Dion so damn bad.

    p.s. Just realized that Dion and I are doing the same thing with our hands. Soul mates. ;)


  7. Dear tumblr,


    If you keep randomly unfollowing people, imma come through this cell phone and slap you so hard your signature colors will be blue AND black.
    With all due respect,

    Seriously. Stop.

  8. Dying of boredom restlessness.

    Someone punch me in the face.

    Edit: Flipping really quickly back and forth between those two photos is helping somewhat. Highly recommended.

  9. Wedding ready! My friend is getting married at this adorable chapel @ BSU. I’m almost jealous. ;)
    The weather is perfect.
    I hope I have someone to sit with/talk to at this thing. The bride’s my h.s. friend but I’m not sure if any of our old classmates were invited.
    I’m early so I’m going for a walk on the greenbelt. Here’s hoping for lots of running men to look at. ;)

    P.s. The ceremony was twelve minutes long. Sat alone. This reception better have liquor.
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  10. Confessions of a Waitress

    1. My instincts were correct: I was made to waitress (part-time).
    I love the hustle and bustle, I love the customer service, I love the give-and-take with my coworkers and customers, I love the entire environment. I even love polishing the wooden tables.


    2. I bought these shoes yesterday so I’d have something to wear to work, and they already look awesome.

    3. The other girls told me that they never make tips like I did. We split our tips evenly so that was a bit of a downer, but the cook told me she wanted to work with only me from now on. ;)


    4. This is my boob. They gave me a small shirt. I am not a small. I now have additional motivation to become a small(er).

    5. I like working with my brain, but it’s nice to work on my feet for a change.


    6. I think I’d make more tips if they let me wear my hair down.*

    *Until some jerk complained about hair in his chili fries. You should feel HONORED.

  11. TBT to when I was dancing at the skankiest clubs in Okinawa and drinking endless rum&cokes all the time. Great life decisions written aaaaaaall over that face right there. 


  12. Accidental Genius

    As I was getting ready for bed last night, I walked down the chilly hallway to the bathroom and marveled at how useful housecoats are. My inner monologue: “This housecoat is great because it’s like a coat… for your… house….”

  13. I passed the mult. choice test!! By a lot! Have to wait up to 30 days for essay but yaaaaay!


  14. Ffffffffff yessssssssss!


  15. 5 a.m. Test Morning

    I’m thankful for advance prepping:

    -my coffee

    -my outfit

    -my hair

    -my breakfast

    -my purse

    -and, of course, my brain.

    I got this.

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